CyberSoftwareDistributors Penetration Testing

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Need to Find Your Security?

At CyberSoftwareDistrtibutors we are dedicated to helping you and your organization Find Your Security. Through our Penetration Testing we are able to help you test and secure your endpoints for your organization. 

Through in depth penetration testing we can find your vulnerabilities and recommend a solution to your pain points in cyber security. 


Banking and Finance

Some of Banking and Finance's Most Common Vulnerabilities

Insider Threats, Lack of Cyber Security Systems, Third Party Software Risk, Gaps in Technology

Health Care

Some of Health Care's Most Common Vulnerabilities

Malicious Network Traffic, Vulnerable Operating Systems, MITM, SSL Stripping


Some of Hospitality's Most Common Vulnerabilities

Ransomware, Denial of Service Attacks, Point of Sale Attacks, Card Skimming, Customer Data Theft


Some of Legal's Most Common Vulnerabilities

Email Phishing, Wifi HoneyPots, Loss of External Drives and Devices, Data Breaches


Some of Manufacturing's Most Common Vulnerabilities

Spear Phishing, Identity Theft, Compromised Websites, Man in the Middle

If you are interested in our penetration testing services for your business and making sure it is secure, please fill out the contact form below for more information.